We are here in Hawaii and we obtain your Driver License Abstracts directly from the Hawaii District Courts who maintain all Hawaii Driver Records. We are there every morning, and by days end we have the actual Certified Driver License Abstract in our hands. The documents are then Fedexed to individuals and Law firms worldwide with tracking numbers that are emailed immediately.

Being here in Hawaii is what it takes……Period.

Order your OFFICIAL Hawaii Driver License Record Direct From Hawaii District Courts

Step 1: Download and fill out your completed Driver History Record Request and mail a notarized copy to our office.

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Order U.S. Department of Transportation Records from 50 States

By clicking one of the links below, you will be redirected to the National Driver Register of The U.S. Dept of Transportation website for all 50 state record checks.
When applying thru the internet , the applicant must include a photocopy of his/her government-issued photo ID, such as a State ID, driver's license, etc. as an attachment to the email. PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE REJECTED AND RETURNED

Register and Purchase an Individual National Driver Register (NDR) File Check

Register and Purchase an Employer National Driver Register (NDR) File Check


The National Driver Registry FAQ's - What it does and does not do!

The National Driver Registry (NDR)….What is it?

The National Driver Register (NDR) contains only a listing of names and related identification, provided by State driver licensing officials, of those whose driver licenses have been cancelled, denied, revoked, or suspended or you have been convicted of certain serious traffic violations. The NDR does not contain a list of any other drivers. If you have not had a driver license cancelled, denied, revoked or suspended or you have not been convicted of serious traffic violations, you would not be listed in the NDR. Every individual is entitled, however, to request a check of the NDR records to determine whether they appear in the NDR file.

What records does it contain about me?

NDR will respond to every valid NDR inquiry. The record content for those persons who are listed in the NDR files is limited to identification of the state(s) which have taken action to cancel, deny, revoke, or suspend or have records of conviction of serious traffic violations.

Where are my personal records?

Any specific information about the driver history, or request for the entire driver history, may be obtained from the states(s) where the detailed information is recorded. The state(s) maintaining records are the (only) contacts able to correct records in error, and the NDR will correct its pointer records when so advised by a state indicating that a report previously made to the NDR is in error.

How can I get my State records?

If the NDR has a record on you, the full record will be copied and sent to you including any older records, which may have contained a reason for license cancellation, denial, revocation, or suspension. In addition, if such information has been disclosed by the NDR, the recipient of the information will also be identified.

The name and address of the State driver license official will be provided for each state listed as having reported information on you to the NDR.
After you receive the NDR Record from the Department of Transportation it may be necessary for you to file forms with the individual State or States that may be listed. All States and their respective forms are listed on this website.


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